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Found 11 results

  1. A warm dark theme for the new IPS 4.2.x The second theme in the Oblivion series with orange foucs. Live Demo at my site. Change theme to Oblivion orange in the bottom "Themes" Should fit all applications that IPS has to offer. Choose between two version, with footer or wihout footer. This theme is only for IPS 4.2.x Jeśli interesują Was szczegóły to przeczytajcie ten temat tutaj
  2. This plugin allows you to add advanced custom TXT and HTML widgets to your website, You can add default and fixed widgets to sides, Each widget you add is fully customizable with its own configuration settings. Demo Features: Fixed and normal widgets Fixed widgets. Add fixed widgets to website sides you choose in the widget configuration, each widget can have different position or even a custom position. Normal widgets. Add normal and default widgets TXT & HTML widgets Each widget can be TXT or HTML. Fully customizable widgets. Each widget you add can have different settings and different colors. You can customize widget width, height, fixed positions, optionally hide on mobiles and tablets, customize fixed sides switcher, set User group permissions and colors...etc) A demo page to show the widgets, using it for some custom widgets and social embeds Jeśli interesują Was szczegóły to przeczytajcie ten temat tutaj
  3. Small Widget to show a list of online users on a Rocket.Chat server. Intended to be used along with the OAuth Server application that allows to login in a Rocket.Chat server using the forum credentials. Instructions: download the .tar file upload into the Applications in your AdminCP use the block edit mode to add the new widget, use the edit button to add the server url (no / at the end!) and a user that can access the RESPT API The Widget was tested on Rocket.Chat: 0.56.0 IPB: PHP: 7.0.18 (should work with older versions as well, no fancy stuff used) OAuth2: 1.2.4 The username in this scenario will match the member name in the forum, so some nice profile links are possible. Currently no caching is setup for the widget (if you have a bigger forum this will matter) - have not yet figured out how to configure the widget cache Jeśli interesują Was szczegóły to przeczytajcie ten temat tutaj
  4. Will allow users to quickly create a new topic in the forums. It will add a new button on forum view and a popup will appear with TITLE and DESCRIPTION fields. Compatibility: IPS 4.2.X IPS 4.1.X Jeśli interesują Was szczegóły to przeczytajcie ten temat tutaj
  5. This plugin will add a link on each forum to display all users who visted that particular forum. The visits will be logged from the time when the plugin is installed and onwards. Previous visists from before will not be logged. If an user visits the same forum more than one time, their visit date will be updated to reflect their last visit of the forum. Only members with permissions will be able to view the forum visitors. You can also select groups whose visits you do not want to record and decide how many members to display with the pagination setting. Installation: To install this plugin, log in to your Admin Panel, go to System->Plugins, click the Install New Plugin button and import the plugin 's xml file. Configuration: To configure it, click the Edit button of the newly installed plugin and you will be taken to the plugin 's Settings page where the groups are listed.. Jeśli interesują Was szczegóły to przeczytajcie ten temat tutaj
  6. Will display who voted in answers for QA forums topics. Settings: Number of users to show in the popup Groups allowed to see the list Compatibility: IPS 4.1.X Jeśli interesują Was szczegóły to przeczytajcie ten temat tutaj
  7. This application will give the administartors the possibility to read all the personal conversations that are being sent in their forums. This is meant to keep an eye on your forum with the purpose to root out any potential rivals, or any illegal activities. So please use it for that purpose only and do not invade users privacies for no reason at all. To view the personal conversations, go to the Members tab and select the Monitor PM's link from the drop down list. All the personal messages will be displayed there. To read them, click on the subject title. You can also edit them. Admin Logs Each time that a conversation is viewed, or edited, the action will be logged in at the Admin Logs. Jeśli interesują Was szczegóły to przeczytajcie ten temat tutaj
  8. Enhance the information blocks on the members profiles with this easy to use plugin DEMO Features About User Block Enhance the about user block with more detailed member information of the member each with its own font-awesome icon Choose the font-awesome icon of each section from a predefined list of 600 icons (just start typing) Shows the members user group Shows the members rank Shows the members id Shows the members post count Shows the members post ratio per day Shows the members total reputation Shows the members member of the days won Shows the members joined date Shows the amount of days the member has been registered Shows the members last activity Shows the members current location (on your site) Shows the members age User Group Block Display the users group and secondary group images in a separate block Choose to display it above or below the about user block Choose to display the images in a list (above each other) or in a inline-block (left to right) Version Compatibility 4.1 4.2 Jeśli interesują Was szczegóły to przeczytajcie ten temat tutaj
  9. This application will give the admins the ability to feature members for a certain period of time along with adding a reason as to why those particular members have been featured. Installation To install the application, go to the Application section in your admin panel, click the Install button, select the aplication file and hit the Install button. Configuration To a feature a member, go to the members section in your admin panel, click the name of the member that you want to feature and go to the Feature section. You can feature that particular member there, enter a reason, (optional), as to why you are featuring that member, and select the number of days that you want to feature that member. Display After a member has been featured, they will be displayed on the sidebar, board index on a random order. You can select the number of members to show on sidebar and board index and select which group or groups can view the featured members. Featured Members Page All featured members will be displayed on a page that can be linked to the navigation manager. To display it, go to the Menu Manager section in your admin panel and select the Featured Members link. Task A cron has been added that will run once a day and it will remove all featured members whose featured time has been expired. Admin Logs Each time that a member is featured or unfeatured, will be logged in at the Admin Logs. Featured Badge A featured badge will be displayed on members profiles, hoover cards and through out all their posts and topics. Badges can be enabled and disabled from the application settings. Jeśli interesują Was szczegóły to przeczytajcie ten temat tutaj
  10. ATTENTION: THIS APPLICATION REQUIRES IPS4.2 Beta or higher Bookmarks is an easy and convenient way to save and bookmark content that you want to find later: Want to save a long topic for later reading? Don't want to lose your spot in an interesting topic? Need to mark something for moderator review? Curious about other people's favorite bookmarks? Bookmarks by @fosters saves you the hassle of rummaging through multiple pages, searching, and navigating to find that one post you wanted to later review. With one click, you and your users can save any post as a bookmark. It offers a convenient way to compile, store, and organize your most favorite posts from around the community into your own set of bookmarks. FEATURES Bookmarks offers the following features: Public Bookmarks - Public bookmarks are viewable by other members and guests on a tab on the member's profile page. Private Bookmarks - Private bookmarks are viewed only by yourself. This is perfect for the posts you secretly love to return to! Unlimited Bookmarks - Let your users save as many bookmarks as they want! Permissions can be set via the Module Permissions. Bookmarks works with the following content items: Topic Posts Blog Entries Blog Comments Download Files Download Comments Gallery Images Gallery Comments Gallery Albums Project Manager Items Project Manager Comments FAST & UIX FRIENDLY Bookmarks is designed to be super fast and user-friendly. The application uses a "table join" to fetch the bookmark, so no extra queries are run on the content page. It also utilizes AJAX technology to manage the bookmarks. This means when you add or remove the bookmark, the bookmark is instantly removed without reloading the page - giving an instant and seamless transition to your users. Jeśli interesują Was szczegóły to przeczytajcie ten temat tutaj
  11. Transform your board with the Advanced Multi-tool plugin with nearly 50 settings and more to come DEMO Features Font Change the bodys font with a choice of websafe fonts, google fonts or use a uploaded font Edit the font size Edit the font weight Choose to text-transform your font (Make all words UPPERCASE, lowercase, Or The First Words Of Each Letter Capitalized) Font-Awesome Add font-awesome icons to the primary navigation bar Add font-awesome icons to the secondary navigation bar Add font-awesome icons to the users bar Add font-awesome icons to the users create bar Each have a section to add custom / 3rd party tabs to the plugin font-awesome features The font-awesome icons are set for the English language and are set for the IPS apps and core functions if you have 3rd party apps or plugins what add tabs then there is a setting to add them to any of the bars above, The same applies if you are using a different language then English (there is a help section in the plugin with full easy outlined details of how to add your own Forums & Categories Remove the words forums from the index page Remove the start new topic button on the index page Hide sub categories from the index page Remove the forum category names Show total stats (This will caculate the overall total of topics and posts in each category and place the total amount in the category header) Show forums description (This will show the forums description (if one is set) in the category name section below the name) Hide the toggle buttons on the categories Display stats in the categories (Choose to show either the post count, topic count or both in the categories) Topics & Posts Remove the reply to button Change the colour of the reply to button Change the font colour of the reply button Remove the start new topic button Change the colour of the reply to button Change the colour of the text on the reply to button Change the colour of the moderator actions button Change the colour of the text on the moderator actions button Post Buttons & Badges Hide the multi quote button Make the quote text a badge Choose the colour of the quote badge Choose the colour of the quote badge text Make the edit text a badge Choose the colour of the edit badge Choose the colour of the edit badge text Member Profiles Change the profile cover photo height Choose to upload a default cover photo for all members Version Compatibility 4.2 All Features 4.1 Some features may not work but most will Visit the support topic and give me some ideas to add in my updates if you have any (as I do like a update) Please note all settings are working 100% on the default theme some settings (very minimal) might not work on custom themes using divisions and elements away from IPS, If you need help visit the support topic (Coming when approved) Jeśli interesują Was szczegóły to przeczytajcie ten temat tutaj