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  1. FAQ - English

    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions 1. How to change your nick on our voice server? ◆ Go to the tab: Connections -> Connect and in Nickname enter the name. ◆ Your Nickname, you can also change by the double-clicking on it when you are already connected to our server. 2. How to disable the standard TeamSpeak 3 client sounds? ◆ Go to the tab: Settings -> Options -> Notifications -> Sound Pack -> Sounds deactived. 3. How to add someone to my friends list? ◆ Click the right mouse button on the user that you want to add and click Add as Friend. 4. How to add someone to my blocked list? ◆ Click the right mouse button on the user that you want to add and click Add as Blocked. 5. How can I set my avatar? ◆ Click the right mouse button on each other and click the option Set Avatar. 6. Just a moment ago the users have heard me and now when i try to talk they can't hear me, why? ◆ You probably have Microphone Disabled. At this point you need to calibrate the microphone or enter the Self, then select Activate Microphone. 7. How to set friends to hear me only after turning on the corresponding key? ◆ Go to the tab: Settings -> Options -> Capture -> select Push-To-Talk -> Click the box to the right and select the key, which we want to speak. 8. Where to find the files on the channel? ◆ Click the right mouse button on the channel and select Open File Browser. 9. How can I tell my friends that I'm leaving my computer for some time? ◆ Just select Toggle Away Status in the upper left corner of the TS window or enter Self and select Set Away. 10. How to set status in Away Status? ◆ Click on Self -> Set Away and select Set Away Status, a window appears in which you can enter a description. 11. How to reduce or increase the user's volume? ◆ Click the right mouse button on the user and select Change Volume. 12. How can I set a password once saved? ◆ Click on Settings -> Options -> Security -> Save Channel Passwords. The password is only entered the first time when the password on the channel is changed also we enter it only at the first login. 13. How to quickly turn off the microphone? ◆ Select Self and click Mute Microphone or click Microphone with a red cross at the top of TS. 14. How to quickly mute all users on a given channel? ◆ Select Self and click Mute Speakers/Headphones or click in speaker with a red cross at the top of TS. 15. How to enable recording of a conversation? ◆ Select Tools -> Start Recording. The conversation should save to the folder of your choice. 16. Where can we save the address of our TS3 server? ◆ Click on Bookmarks -> Add Bookmark (Server data should save itself). Then click Apply and OK. Description by bluE, 2017 © Team Ventum