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PLUGIN IPS4 Different Sidebars for each Forum

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Wąsacz    1

Different Sidebars for each Forum by @Fosters allows you to place widgets & blocks on the forum and topic pages for each forum separate.



 You simply go into Admin > Forums then edit the forum you want, click on the Blocks tab. Then add the blocks that you want in the sidebar (Blocks which have been created in the pages app) then add them, you can change the order of the blocks easily too. There are two options for this:

  1. To have the sidebar within the forum
  2. To have the sidebar appear in the topic view on that forum

This is a great app and one that many people will need to use to have custom information for each forum. I'll be using it to show Premier League information when people are inside the Premier League forum and then if they go into the Championship forum, they will then see Championship information. 


This application allows you to show content related widgets and blocks only in the content related forums and topics! This is a great way to monitize your board


ATTENTION: THIS Application requires the PAGES application! It won't work without!

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